Enter The Contest

Enter The Contest


Procedure to Enter

The procedure to participate in the contest of Brisabne Comedy Next Up is pretty easy. The participants are required to upload their video clip to YouTube, Try to upload your best possible stand-up comedy material, and the duration should be around 90 to 120 seconds. Once you are done with that, visit our website at the earliest to fill in a submission form. You need to provide some necessary information you’re your name, age, location, a short bio, social media handles and link of the YouTube video.

Submission of your information and link for the contest means you have read, understood and agreed to the official rules of the competition. For the contest starting 2nd April, all the entries must be received before 25th March, 11:30 pm. We will not accept any submissions after the deadline day.

One participant can only enter once in the entire Contest Period. In case someone attempt or suspected of attempting to join the contest more than the authorised time, using robotic, programmed, automatic or any other methods that are not approved by the rules, it will be considered as cheating and will and the entry of participant will be cancelled.

With the submission, you warrant to us that you have all the rights and approvals required for your content. You also need consent from any person who is appearing in your content. For minors, parental consent is essential.

What Kind Of Content Is Not Allowed?

The following types of content are prohibited in this contest:

  1. Obscenity, vulgar or sexually explicit content
  2. You can’t use any illegal material
  3. Any speech that involves hate for a person, ethnicity, race, gender, religion and profession
  4. Any threats or harassment

If we find any content inappropriate or not suitable for the audience irrespective of any reason, the participant will be disqualified by our officials. You also need to remember that the duration of your content should be no less than 1 minute, and no longer than 2 minutes, and should be in accordance with all the specifications listed in the website. Also, the content submitted to this one week contest will not be returned.


This contest is open to all Australian over the age of 17 years as of the last date of the submission. This event is for the emerging comedians, so any participants who have already performed in a comedy festival, any comedy show or in some major comedy club, are not eligible for the entry. Anyone who is a member of the judges’ panel, staff of Brisbane comedy or sponsor/prize provider or the respective affiliates, is not eligible to enter the contest. Moreover, any immediate family like father/mother, sister/brother, son/daughter and a person living under the same roof is also not allowed to participate in this contest.

Procedure to select Winner

Our contest officials will review all eligible entries as per all the contest rules and guidelines. The top 100 entries will be announced as our final list before 30th March 2019.

These 100 participants will start their journey on 2nd April. They will be divided into groups of 10 people. All the groups will perform daily, and the judge’s panel will give their experts comments.

On the basis of performance and experts comments, the audience will vote for the participants. And the person with minimum votes from each group will eliminate. The process will be followed daily as the event will progress.

Top 10 contestants (winners of each group) will participate against each other on the last day of the event – 12th April. On the basis of public voting, the winner will be decided

General Rules

You may have to provide the proof of your identity/ name/age if requested by our committee. If you protest or fail to provide the required evidence, you will be disqualified from the contest.

For selecting the winner by voting method, we reserves all the rights to deny or cancel any vote if it seems illegitimate or unlawful.

The winner and runner-up have to accept the prize as it is and not be refunded or exchanged for any amount of money, transferred or sold. If any portion of a prize has not been used due to any reason, it will be forfeited.

We reserves all the right to modify the rules of the contest and even terminate the event at any time without any prior information to the contestants. Any adjustments in the rules of competition will be updated on the website.

By entering the contest, you agree to the rules of the contest and all the decisions of the judges and the sponsors.


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