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Brisbane Comedy is a well-known company established ten years back with the commitment to promoting local comedy scene across Brisbane, Queensland. Till now, we have organised 1000+ shows and plays for our clients – thanks to our in-house team of event managers, creative writers and comedians. We also provide our electrifying performances for your private party. Whether is a personal birthday party or a big corporate function, you can book our stand-up comedians who showcase you a perfect blend of sarcastic and social awareness in their gigs/jokes. We have recruited and fostered local talents who can do all styles of comedy shows in English. If you want to experience the best stand-up act in Brisbane, then book us today. We can make your event memorable!

Our Collaboration

We, at Brisbane Comedy, have extensive experience in providing quality and cheerful comedy event management services to our clients. We have also collaborated with a renowned Banquet Hall in Brisbane where we organise your private function where you can enjoy quality food, cocktails while listening to the comedy gigs or acts. We aim at delivering you the perfect amalgamation of charm and class for your private events including wedding, anniversary party, reception, graduation reunion, awards function, seminar, etc.


If you want us to organise your event along with a comedy act, then this can be an ideal option. The banquet hall can accommodate up to 300 guests. Plus, there is a fully-fledged restaurant with custom made menu options. There is a stage, projector and an advanced sound system. Nearby parking is also available.

Our Emcees and Hosts

Brisbane Comedy has been providing charming and confident speaking hosts emcees for private events since 2012. Our in-house emcees are experienced, dedicated and can bring the spice of humour to your evening. They prepare a customised speech at the start and also give stand-up performances as late as you need them.

Stand Up Performance

This is our hottest event package, where one or two comedians/performers come to the stage and entertain your guests after dinner. Our performers act for half an hour because it requires complete attention of the guests. Half an hour is enough for guests to enjoy the event and have a laugh.

Making your Night Great with Our Comedy Scene

When planning to hire Stand Up Comedy in your special event, give us a call or fill out the contact form below. We meet with our clients and give them clarity about the following points:

  • Our 30 minute stand up performances is best and affordable. It usually starts after dinner when people are calm and settled.
  • We also provide 15 minute performance for your special event
  • Performances for less than 20 people done in a small venue
  • We create original content for your gigs
  • Stand up require keen attention from audiences and they need to make sure your guests are ready to take up the jokes positively.

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