Welcome to the Albion Comedy Club and Restaurant

Live comedy is all about atmosphere!

A lot of places have attempted amateur comedy nights over the years, but the Albion Comedy Club & Restaurant attracts more people every week than all other pubs and taverns having comedy nights in Brisbane combined!  Visit us and find out why our combination of excellent food, great atmosphere, and professional comedians makes us by far the most popular place to see live stand-up comedy in Brisbane.

We are the only club in Brisbane to have live comedy shows every week of the year with an all-professional lineup of the best local, interstate and international comedians currently working the circuit. Each night we feature five or six different comedians.

We also have Hypnosis shows on some nights currently.  

What's on in February

Joe Shaffer - lhsJOE SHAFFER (USA), Pete Booth (comedy-magic), Elliott A. Bonaparte (Melbourne Comedy Festival), Joe Patrick, Dan Rath, Ben Graw.


Joe Shaffer - lhsJOE SHAFFER (USA), Pete Booth (comedy-magic), Davo (NBC's Last Comic Standing), Pete Booth (Comedy-Magic), Dan Rath, Ben Graw.


Greg-Sullivan-2012 - lhsGREG SULLIVAN, Pete Rosky (USA), Pete Booth (Comedy-Magic), Ting Lim (Singapore), Joe Patrick, Dan Rath, Ben Graw.